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what is cru??

As students, we face many challenges at a large university like USF. The stress and pressure from our classes can give us anxiety. We are usually very busy and can also feel alone and isolated at times. It can even be a challenge to navigate all the important choices we have as we start "adulting". Throw in the element of faith and what you believe about God... things can get really complicated!

That's where Cru comes in. We journey together through the college experience. Building genuine friendships, making unforgettable memories, and setting you up for a lifetime of success & adventure. We explore the basics of what it means to follow Jesus and give you the tools to walk with God for a far beyond college.  

Here you'll find meaning and purpose for your life that will truly enhance your college experience. We want to simplify the process for you to find the satisfying relationships with both God and those around you.

In a nutshell, we want to help you FOLLOW JESUS and CHANGE THE WORLD

So YOU are invited to join us! Even if you aren't sure what you believe about the whole God thing, you are welcome to come ask questions and explore in a safe, low pressure environment.