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Who are we?

Doulos is the Greek branch of Cru at USF. We want to unite Greeks and specifically help them to have an eternal impact on their houses. We want to create an environment where people can come and explore who Jesus is, ask questions, be real, and dialogue about the questions we have as we search for answers together.  

We believe God is necessary and relevant to the Greek system today as He is in all segments of society and we also believe that we’ve got to have some FUN! Come check us out. 

Bible Study

Wanna start a Bible Study in you chapter? We are here to help! Just shoot us a message and we would love to meet up. 

We will have a co-ed Bible Study this Fall for any Greeks on Tuesday nights from 8-9 pm. Location TBD. 


Summer Oppertunity: Greek Summit

What are you doing next summer? Consider hanging out on the beach in Destin, FL with 100 other Greek from all over the Southeast! 

We learn how to be satisfied to the fullest in your relationship with God and grow as a dynamic leader. You will enjoy terrific teaching and training every morning, relaxing beach time during the afternoons, fun mixers, Bible studies, and craziness during the evenings.

You will make deep friendships and grow in your walk with God so that you can make an impact your Greek system for eternity. See you in Destin!

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Staff Contacts

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